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Kladková kuše Truestrike 100lbs+kuličky
  • Kladková kuše Truestrike 100lbs+kuličky
  • Kladková kuše Truestrike 100lbs+kuličky(1)
  • Kladková kuše Truestrike 100lbs+kuličky(2)
  • Kladková kuše Truestrike 100lbs+kuličky(3)
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Crossbow Truestrike 100 lbs + steel balls

154,90 €

The Truestrike crossbow is suitable for recreational and hunting shooting. Effective range: 50m. Shooting with arrows and 8mm balls. Large set with case, arrows, balls and darts.

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Crossbow Truestrike

is suitable for sport and recreational shooting. It allows shooting arrows, darts and steel balls with a diameter of 8 mm.
Thanks to the pulley system, it has an effective shooting range of up to 50 metres. The crossbow is equipped with a steel bowstring. Crossbow limbs are made of composite fibreglass. Stock made of durable polymer, CAMO colour. The barrel is made of profiled sheet metal. The flight groove is made of aluminium.
This crossbow is equipped with a magazine for approx. 20 steel balls. After drawing the crossbow, you can launch a steel ball from the magazine onto the flight groove (arrow track) by pulling the rod. The ball attaches to the magnet and waits for the shot.

The crossbow comes with a wealth of accessories. The set also includes a case for the crossbow.

Draw weight: 45 kg (100 lbs)
Arrow speed: 73.2 m/s (240 fps)
Effective range: 40-50 m (range is approximate, varies with different ammunition)
Stroke distance: 32.5 cm
Width axle to axle: 70 cm
Overall crossbow length: 82 cm
Overall length including stirrup: 89 cm
Weight: 3800 g
Weaver rail mount: 22 mm
Trigger safety: yes
Steel ball shooting capability: yes
Compatible ammunition (arrows, darts, steel balls):  diameter 8 mm only

1 x crossbow case
2 x fiberglass 13" 8 mm x 33.5 cm arrow
10 x 8mmx7.5cm darts
40 x steel balls 8 mm 

1 x Truestrike crossbow
2 x 13" arrow
10 x 8 mm x 7.5 cm darts
40 x 8 mm steel balls
1 x crossbow case
2 x Allen key
1 x instructions for the crossbow

Intended for sporting purposes and only for persons over 18 years of age who are of legal capacity within the meaning of the Civil Code.
Instructions must be read before use!


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3600 g
Pojistka tětivy
Střelba kuličkami
Střelba šípy
Typ kuše
s puškohledem
s držákem šípů
Nátahová síla
100 lbs
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Návod Kladková kuše Truestrike 80lbs+kuličky

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