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Solární ionizátor vody v bazénu a vířivce
  • Solární ionizátor vody v bazénu a vířivce
  • Úprava vody v bazénu solární ionizátor čistí vodu v bazénu bez chemie
  • Solární ionizátor vody v bazénu
  • Solární ionizátor vody v bazéně
  • Úprava vody v bazénu solární ionizátor čistí vodu v bazénu bez chemie(4)
  • Solární ionizátor vody ve vířivce
  • Úprava vody v bazénu solární ionizátor čistí vodu v bazénu bez chemie(6)
  • Úprava vody v bazénu bez chemie
  • Čistá voda v bazénu bez chemie
  • Úprava vody v bazénu solární ionizátor čistí vodu v bazénu bez chemie(9)
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Pool water treatment solar ionizer purifies pool water without chemicals

75,28 €

The eco-friendly solar ionizer keeps the pool water clean without the use of chemicals and chlorine. It produces ionized water that kills bacteria and algae and prevents their formation in a natural way. Sufficient for 40m3 of water. Suitable for ponds and pools with fresh and salt water.

In stock with us - ready to be sent directly to you

Treat yourself to the best water for bathing.

A solar ionizer is the most effective natural way to kill disease-causing bacteria and algae.

A solar ioniser is a harmless purification device designed to purify water in swimming pools or ponds by a water ionisation method.

The solar ioniser may also be employed in garden or fish ponds.  

Moreover, it is also possible to use the solar ioniser in salt water.

How it works:

The commonly used chlorine tends not to be that successful in killing algae and bacteria and in addition it can also harm human health. The solar ioniser is based on electrolysis during which positively charged particles of copper and silver atoms are released into the water. These atoms then adhere to the negatively charged particles of bacteria and algae and thus have the ability to destroy them completely.

Copper: Algae are negatively charged unicellular organisms that die when surrounded by positively charged copper atoms.

Silver: In the same way, silver ions disinfect the water of bacteria.

The ioniser also independently generates enough electricity for its own use using a solar panel.

However, the solar panel supplies voltage and current low enough for them to be safe. Nonetheless, the power of the solar panel is abundant enough to secure the maximum output of the ionizer. 

In case the solar panel has access to direct sunlight, the solar ionizer will operate at full power. 

If the solar panel is in the shade, the performance drops considerably. It is therefore advisable to secure the solar ioniser in the sun with, for example, a string or chain.

Using safe solar power, the solar ioniser generates positively charged ions which are released into the water by the gradual corrosion of the copper anode. The positively charged particles float through the water until they collide with negatively charged algae and bacteria which are thus destroyed. 

Ionised water will no longer be susceptible to recurring algae and bacteria.

Solar pool water ionizer

- no installation, just insert the solar ioniser into the water

- easy maintenance

- one solar ioniser is enough for 40m3 of water

- no need for batteries, electricity is generated by the solar panel

- reduces the amount of chlorine used by up to 90%

- prevents the formation of filamentous algae and microorganisms

- algaecides, conditioners, brighteners, etc. are not needed


Start with water chlorinated as you are used to. Put the solar ionizer into the water. When in direct sunlight, blue copper particles will begin to be released from the solar ionizer. These particles dissolve in the water and ionize the water. After approximately 4-8 weeks of operation, the amount of mineral ionized water will increase enough that you can reduce the amount of chlorine to a minimum depending on external factors such as the amount of water in the pool, rain, sunshine, temperature, etc. 

One solar ioniser is designed to suffice for cleaning 40m3 of water. The copper anode has a lifespan of 1-2 years of year-round operation. In our case, it is 1-3 seasons, after that, a new replacement anode can be purchased. Only minimal maintenance of the copper anode is required. It should be cleaned once in a while with the included brush. 

When used in salt water, the copper anode as well as the coil corrode faster. Therefore, they will need to be cleaned and replaced more frequently. We supply replacement parts such as copper anodes, coils, baskets or plastic screws. Also, these replacement parts are not expensive.


1x solar panel

1x copper anode

1x spring

1x protective basket

1x safety non-metallic screw

1x brush


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