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Vzduchovka Kandar B2 4,5mm
  • Vzduchovka Kandar B2 4,5mm
  • Vzduchovka Kandar B2 4,5mm (1)
  • Vzduchovka Kandar B2 4,5mm (2)
  • Vzduchovka Kandar B2 4,5mm nabíjení
  • Vzduchovka Kandar B2 4,5mm (3)
  • Vzduchovka Kandar B2 4,5mm muška
  • Vzduchovka Kandar B2 4,5mm spoušť
  • Vzduchovka Kandar B2 4,5mm pažba

Air Rifle B2 4.5 mm

59,14 €

Air Rifle B2 4.5 mm Calibre

In stock with us - ready to be sent directly to you

Air Rifle B2 Caliber 4.5 mm

A powerful spring-powered air rifle suitable for complete beginners and moderately advanced shooters. The B2 air rifle is equipped with prominent fibre optic sights, making it particularly useful for shooting in low-light conditions. Cocking this air rifle is done by breaking the barrel. The pellet is inserted directly into the barrel this way.

The barrel of the air rifle has a rifled bore, increasing its precision. Only lead pellets or bullets of the corresponding calibre 4.5 mm should be used as ammunition. Do not use steel pellets, as they can damage the rifling of the barrel, resulting in a loss of accuracy due to mechanical damage.

Calibre 4.5 mm:

The most widespread variant in the Czech Republic. It is favoured for its good penetration, cost-effectiveness, and the widest range of pellets on the market. Suitable for target shooting, tin cans, etc. Pellets easily penetrate the target without significant fragmentation, minimizing damage to the target.

We also offer a variant in calibre 5.5 mm, see our other offerings.


Calibre: 4.5 mm

Length: 108,6cm

Muzzle velocity of the pellet: 200 m/s = 720 km/h

Weight: 2,6 kg

Dovetail (grooves for mounting a scope, collimator, etc.): 11 mm

Effective range max.: 30 m

Overall range max.: 340 m

Cocking: barrel breaking

Pellets in the magazine: 1

Firing mechanism: spring + piston

Barrel rifling: rifled

Stock: wood

Sights: fibre optic

Package includes:

1x B2 air rifle

1x Czech manual for the air rifle

Intended for sporting purposes and only for individuals aged 18 and older who are legally competent according to the Civil Code.


Specific References

New product

Data sheet

108,6 cm
4,5 mm
Úsťová rychlost
200 m/s
Materiál pažby
Mechanismus vzduchovky
Dostřel zbraně
30 m
Typ vzduchovky
Typ nátahu
Typ hlavně
Délka hlavně
Materiál těla zbraně
S optikou


10037, 10038, 10039, 10040_Navod

Návod Vzduchovka B2 set s puškohledem 5,5mm

Download (5.95M)

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