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Automatický včelí úl FLOWing HIVE kompletní + varroa dno
  • Automatický včelí úl FLOWing HIVE kompletní + varroa dno
  • Automatický včelí úl FLOWing HIVE kompletní + varroa dno(1)
  • Automatický včelí úl FLOWing HIVE kompletní + varroa dno(2)
  • Automatický včelí úl FLOWing HIVE kompletní + varroa dno(3)
  • Automatický včelí úl FLOWing HIVE kompletní + varroa dno(4)
  • Automatický včelí úl FLOWing HIVE kompletní + varroa dno(5)
  • Automatický včelí úl FLOWing HIVE kompletní + varroa dno(6)
  • Automatický včelí úl FLOWing HIVE kompletní + varroa dno(7)
  • Automatický včelí úl FLOWing HIVE kompletní + varroa dno(8)
  • Automatický včelí úl FLOWing HIVE kompletní + varroa dno(9)

Automatic self FLOWing HIVE complete + varroa bottom

279,70 €
Bee Hive FLOWing HIVE complete + varroa bottom

In stock with us - ready to be sent directly to you

Automatic self FLOWing HIVE 

This beehive is suitable for beginner beekeepers who have a passion for nature and these small pollinators. Beekeepers will be rewarded with sweet honey.

"Bees do much more than just produce honey. More than a third of the food we eat depends on bee pollination."

"Without the help of bees, our crops would suffer devastating consequences. Natural bee habitats disappear every year, making new systems, that make bee care easier, crucial."

Unlike traditional beekeeping, there is no need to manipulate the hive during honey collection. The honey flows out on its own into prepared containers.

With this FLOWing HIVE, you won´t disturb the bees during honey collection, as you can obtain honey without opening the hive. Simply turn the handle, disrupting the position of the cells on the FLOWing HIVE frame. Gravity then causes the honey to flow down through the cells into the prepared containers. After honey extraction, turn the handle to return the cells to their original position, and the bees will start filling them with honey again.

The FLOWing HIVE frames are transparent, allowing you to see when to open the taps and collect honey. They are made of BPA and BPS-free food-grade plastic. Each frame can yield up to 4 kg of honey, and the entire hive can produce up to 28 kg. During the season, you can have a full honey super in just a week. Of course, everything depends on the quality and strength of the bee colony and the amount of nectar available.

Varroa Bottom Board for Flowing HIVE

The new type of beehive offers beekeepers the option to adjust the entrance reducer according to their needs. The entrance reducer has two prepared holes that you can easily cut to open one or two entrances. When you nail the entrance wedge to the centre with a nail, it creates a rotary entrance closure. The Varroa bottom board features a stainless steel mesh and a sliding monitoring tray.

Frames for the Flowing HIVE Brood Box

Ideal frames for the FLOWing HIVE brood box are the FLOWing HIVE brood box frames. These frames fit perfectly into the brood box and are included in the package.

Advantage: They fit precisely into the FLOWing HIVE brood box, eliminating large gaps between the super and the frame, which might be filled with wax or propolis by the bees.

Compatible frames are also of the Langstroth 1/1 type

For the brood box, Langstroth 1/1 frames are compatible, allowing an easy transfer of a nucleus.

Disadvantage: The height of these frames is 28 mm lower than the height of the entire super. It is necessary to be cautious when inserting frames to prevent them from falling. The frames must be placed in the centre to avoid falling through.

Advantage: Simple transfer of a nucleus to the FLOWing HIVE beehive at the standard Langstroth 1/1 height of 232 mm, which is a commonly used height for Langstroth brood boxes.

How It Works?

In the lower brood box, the queen lays eggs and expands the bee colony. Once the bee population expands (information on properly raising a nucleus to become a healthy bee population can be found online, for example, here), attach a honey super to the hive, which you separate from the brood box with a queen excluder.

If you already have a strong colony, attach the honey super with FLOWing HIVE frames to the brood box simultaneously with the colony. The queen excluder must always be placed on the brood box.

To ensure better acceptance of the plastic frames by bees, it is necessary to coat them with a sugar solution in a ratio of water to sugar of 2:3. Alternatively, insert a frame with brood into the honey super. The bees will coat the cells with wax and then start filling them with honey. Once the bee cells are capped, simply turn the handle and let the honey flow into the prepared jars.

The honey super must always be separated from the brood box with a queen excluder to prevent the queen from laying eggs in the honey super with FLOWing HIVE frames. The queen excluder is included in the package.

After the final extraction, remove the FLOWing HIVE honey super. Soak the remaining honey in a water container. Clean the frames from honey residues. Do not wash the wax from the frames, as it will help with better bee acceptance in the next season. Use this sweet water with a sugar solution for winter feeding (information can be found from your beekeeper or online). Store the FLOWing HIVE frames in a dry place with a temperature of +5 to +25°C.


External dimensions of supers: 41 x 51 cm

External dimensions of the roof: 55 x 60 cm

Overall hive height: 76 cm

The Hive Consists of:
1 x Varroa bottom board with monitoring tray
1 x Brood box
10 x Wooden frames for the FLOWing HIVE brood box
1 x Bamboo queen excluder
1 x Honey super for placing FLOWing HIVE frames with observation windows
7 x FLOW frames for easy honey extraction
7 x Extraction tube for FLOWing HIVE frames
1 x Extraction handle for FLOWing HIVE frames
1 x Ventilation grid
1 x Wooden roof

Connecting screws and handles are included in the package

All wooden parts of the FLOWing HIVE are treated, and they are supplied unassembled. The frames are not treated with any preservatives.

Information for every beginner can be found online or from your beekeeper or here: What to do in the early stages of beekeeping.

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