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Ventilátor na kouřovod EKOVENT STANDART 5 magnetický výkonný
  • Ventilátor na kouřovod EKOVENT STANDART 5 magnetický výkonný
  • Ventilátor na kouřovod EKOVENT STANDART 5 magnetický výkonný(1)
  • Ventilátor na kouřovod EKOVENT STANDART 5 magnetický výkonný(2)
  • Ventilátor na kouřovod EKOVENT STANDART 5 magnetický výkonný(3)
  • Ventilátor na kouřovod EKOVENT STANDART 5 magnetický výkonný(4)

EKOVENT STANDART 5 Flue Fan Magnetic

47,62 €

EKOVENT STANDART 5 Flue Fan Magnetic  Powerful. It generates its energy. Maximum temperatures:  60°C - 300°C. Exchanges up to 450 m3/h. 

In stock with us - ready to be sent directly to you

EKOVENT STANDART 5 Magnetic Chimney Fan

A stove fan is an ideal solution for cost-saving heating with fireplace stoves or fireplaces. By using a stove and fireplace fan, you will achieve a pleasant sense of warmth and increase the overall efficiency of your stove.

The fan ensures and maintains horizontal air circulation. Instead of the natural rise of warm air, the fan evenly disperses warm air throughout the room, even around corners.

The fan requires no external power source; its operation is automatic. The smart fan is independent of any manual operation; it starts spinning on its own with the heat from the stove and automatically turns off when the stove cools down. The fan blade speed adjusts automatically based on the stove temperature—the higher the stove temperature, the faster the blade spins.

The fan can operate at low temperatures, starting to spin shortly after being heated, accelerating the warming of the entire room. The fan blade starts spinning at a temperature of 50°C, which corresponds to approximately 120°C measured on the chimney. It can also increase the temperature by several degrees on the other side of the room.

The fan is attached using a rounded magnetic arm to a chimney with a diameter of approximately 160 mm. If the chimney has a larger or smaller diameter or is not magnetic, the fan is attached using the supplied steel straps. The straps are suitable for diameters from 155 to 178 mm. In the case of a larger chimney diameter, additional steel straps can be purchased at any hardware store.

Main Technological Advantages of Our Fans:

The functional design of the fan is based on the latest theories and laws of aerodynamics, developed in collaboration with the manufacturer.

The fan´s duralumin body conducts heat exceptionally well, providing the foundation for the fan´s efficiency and performance. The broad base maximizes heat transfer. Cooling fins are located at the top to cool the upper side of the thermoelectric module. Since the performance of the thermoelectric module depends on the temperature difference between its upper and lower sides, the fan´s body construction is crucial.

A highly efficient thermoelectric module has been adapted to the fan´s design and parameters according to our request, directly from the manufacturer of Peltier cells. As a result, its energy performance corresponds to the motor´s energy requirements and the resistance of the blades, achieving high efficiency surpassing other thermoelectric modules on the market.

The motor commonly used for these fans usually has a commutator with copper brushes. Our motor uses carbon brushes, significantly increasing its lifespan and, most importantly, its performance.

The fan blade design is precisely crafted according to aerodynamic laws, allowing the fan to convert all generated energy into airflow without unnecessary losses.

Overheating protection is activated if the fan base temperature exceeds 250 degrees Celsius. It is ensured by a bimetallic spring on the bottom side of the fan, which raises the fan, reducing the contact area between the fan and the stove surface, and thereby cooling the fan. When the fan cools down, the spring returns it to its original position.


- Saves up to 18% on fuel costs.

- Has a working temperature range for the thermoelectric module of 50°C - 340°C

- Is designed for stove surface temperatures of 60°C- 320°C

- Generates its electricity by utilizing heat from the stove.

- Features a fan that exchanges up to 450 m3/h, assisting in the circulation of warm air in the room.

- Has a fan that changes speed automatically based on the stove´s temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the blades spin.

- Can become a perfect gift for stove or fireplace owners


Dimensions: H. 18 cm * W. 18,5 cm * D. 16 cm

Weight: 780g

Blades: Black, 5 leaves

Package includes:

1 x Eco-friendly Fan EKOVENT STANDART 5 Flue Fan Magnetic 

2x steel straps

1 x User Manual

Need advice on choosing the right fan? Find information on selecting the right Ecovent fan here: How to Choose the Right Type of Ecovent Fan?


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Počet lopatek
na kouřovod
Optimální teplota provozu
180 °C
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